Fashion Expresses
our Identity in a Journey
of Self-discovery

My passion for creating fashionable pieces
began with a journey of self discovery.
Growing up multi-racial,
I struggled to find myself and my place in the world.
I found myself taking on others’ perceptions
of me by way of defining myself.
Quite simply, I didn’t know who I was.

Through my travels,
my perception of my own identity
began taking on a whole new meaning.
My experiences helped me understand
that identity has much more to do with culture, values,
and passion than with heredity.
I realized how much I needed to get back to my roots.
What once weighed on me turned into an appreciation
for where I’m from and
the unique privileges that come with it.

My design process reflects my eclectic background. For as long as I can remember,
designing clothes has been my creative outlet. Assembling collections gives me the opportunity
to express my worldview and share my artistic vision.
As I’ve matured in my craft, I’ve come to understand the impact I wish to make.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry does not align with my aspirations.
Today’s fashions are designed and created largely for immediate disposal.
The industry has embraced the idea that we need to keep up with trends
imposed by others in expressing ourselves, devaluing our individuality,
and ignoring the welfare of our communities and our planet.
My mission is to begin anew,
from a time before the industry became profit driven above all else. I
began to rearrange traditional pattern making techniques by eliminating excess waste.
I selected natural fibers, opting for biodegradable fabrics rather than synthetics,
which do not degrade naturally. I explored natural dyes from plants,
avoiding toxic chemicals that threaten our delicate ecosystems.
A step toward sustainable, eco-friendly fashion is a step away from fast-fashion pollution.

Everyone creates their own style and their own voice through a visual medium.
However, selecting a piece of clothing should involve something beyond visual appeal.
By making more conscious decisions, we can mitigate our personal impact as we return to our roots.


Juvina Ortega was born in San Jose, California and raised in San Jose and Houston.
She graduated from West Valley College in 2017 with a degree in Apparel Design and Production.
She has worked for independent designers and manufacturers in the Bay Area and Portland, Oregon,
where she currently resides with her husband and two feline friends.

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An Effortless Wardrobe without Compromise

From carefully selected textiles to the draping of silhouettes, Juvina Ortega’s designs strives for the wearer to not only look effortlessly stylish but feel confident while wearing them.

A Holistic Approach Towards Creating Sustainable Wear

Juvina Ortega’s designs is still growing as a lifestyle brand that revolves around sustainability and strives to practice more zero waste methods when producing future designs.

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