The S/S 2021 Collection is Finally Out!

Who knew this pandemic would of lasted as long as it did? With all the extra free time in solitude with my husband and kitties, brought on a lot of daydreaming of what life would be like after all this was over. I immersed myself in reading, nature (Portland’s scenery is beautiful!) and playing around with new patternmaking techniques.

My inspiration for this collection came from bird watching on my long strolls and the idea of being unconfined. The ability to be untethered in one’s exterior and taking up space. My readings mostly consisted of researching birds from around the world and became particularly fascinated with those residing in the South American region. The diverse species of birds in all shapes, sizes and vibrant colors influenced the color pallet and draping for this capsule collection while staying true to my values and commitments.

This season, I wasn’t too concerned about the sale of pieces. It was more about making my artist statement and becoming more vulnerable in showing my authentic self without the influence of making a profit. Not saying I didn’t like my first professional collection when I decided to go public, but I think I was still holding onto what I had learned in school. In school, they prepared us to work under companies whose main focus was to make a profit. I became disillusioned by my teachers (not them personally, but school overall) and it really discouraged me in even wanting to become a designer. I love designing/ creating under my own terms but not with the industry.

All hope wasn’t lost though. In the last year of my program, Zero-Waste designer Holly Mcquillan spoke at our school about the alternative production methods for designing clothes. She addressed the pollution brought on by the fashion industry and her mission to change traditional practices. I was moved and once again became passionate about my craft.

Unfetter Pastime –S/S 2021 Collection incorporates minimal waste and is hand dyed with plant extracts. Made with biodegradable fabric such as cotton and linen while minimizing my carbon foot print in the industry. All pieces were designed, patterned and sewn by me, Juvina Ortega, in Portland, OR. Samples are for sale but will not be recreated or made to order in different sizes. Moving forward, I’m focusing more on creating through expression and not for profit.

Check out my collection in my Lookbook.

-           Juvina