Juvina Ortega x Brown Hope; Mask for Charity


Juvina Ortega is teaming up with Brown Hope, a Portland based non-profit for Black, Brown, and Indigenous community members.

My brand’s mission is to promote social and environmental awareness by creating ethical and sustainable garments. I strive to eliminate pre-consumer textile waste by rearranging traditional production methods and using biodegradable fabrics.

 I'm using all the leftover material from this season to make face masks for $10 with free shipping (within the U.S.). Seeing as there is no cost behind this fabric besides overhead, I would like to donate 50% of the proceeds to a local organization that helps POC communities.

Brown Hope is a non-profit organization that specializes on providing immediate resources through the Black Resilience Fund, educational events, supporting POC businesses and much more! Learn more about Brown Hope here

Help me support Brown Hope by either buying a face mask here or directly donating to them here. Sign up on juvinaortega.com to receive monthly status report emails. Mask are available while supplies last!

This year has been especially rough for a lot of our black and brown communities. As a woman of color, I want to support and give back to my community. I hope you will join me.